About Us

Anode Governance Lab is a Bangalore based organisation that works towards strengthening governance and enabling public institutions to function effectively, with the premise that the poor and marginalised rely on these institutions for access to basic human rights, such as livelihoods, education, housing, as well as right to justice and equality. Our belief is that vibrant and learning institutions adapt and negotiate with the external environment to deliver their mandate consistently. Our institution building efforts leverage organisation development (OD) principles, which adopts a systemic view to change. Founded on an inherent faith in people’s abilities, we associate with members of institutions as participants and decision makers, and not recipients in change processes.

Our work is founded on an understanding and research related to internal arrangements of institutions, as well as the external environment that they exist in, such as social, political, legal, and administrative, helping us to design efforts to needs of different contexts.

Our focus areas:

  • Research and analysis of socio-political and legal frameworks impacting institutions
  • Consultancy and knowledge partnerships on organisation development and governance
  • Programme Implementation for strengthening institutional capacities of local governments
  • Leveraging technology for information access and accountability
  • Impact evaluation of existing programs
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